Earthing & Lightning Protection System The Earthing & Lighting Protection System is the most important element of a safe building to avoid harmful incidents. We are able to provide complete solution for all your Earthing and Lightning Protection needs.

Conduits & Fittings QUATRO is leading supplier of a wide range of Flexible Conduits, Fittings and Accessories with innovation and technical advancement at its core. These conduits are used for electrical wiring purposes available in a broad scope and sizes.

Circuit Breakers & Disconnect Fuses QUEC is an industry leader for supplying circuit breakers from the most trusted global manufacturers. If you are looking for a Circuit Breaker or Disconnect Fuse solution, QUATRO can offer many configurations, voltage and current ranges to meet your requirements.

Generators & Transformers Our proposed Generators and Transformers are manufactured under strictest conditions and to the highest standards. We can offer innovative and efficient Generators, achieved through improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions to meet the needs of the client. All transformers are thoroughly tested and meet the efficiency compliance.

Lugs & Connectors Our company is a distributor of cable Lugs and Connectors in various ranges of applications for special requirements. A complete line of high quality insulated and non-insulated terminals, disconnects, splices, wire joints and numerous other configurations are available.

Insulators Porcelain & Polymer Insulators are offered up to 550 KV overhead line transmissions with a variety of types. These products are manufactured and tested under advanced technology in accordance with standard specifications.

Instruments & Tools The wide range of Instruments & Tools that we offer can be used for reliable measurements and various fields at your job site or facility. We distribute test equipment and tools made by first class manufacturers.

RMU Our Ring Main Units offered by QUEC are a new generation of elegance and environment friendly switchgear for power distribution industries with a variety of ratings. These RMU have reasonable design, consistent power supply, compact configuration, simple installation and flexible utility.

Cables QUEC offers cabling for all purposes to deliver performance, durability and safety as standard, designed to protect and enhance lives.

Others Our aim is to cover all electrical fields from generation, transmission and distribution with a variety of products. Further products in our range include: Lighting, Switches, Sockets, Batteries, Conductor Fittings, Lamps, Meters, Devices, Overhead Line Accessories, Regulators, Relays, Electric Heaters, Electrical Appliances and Spare Parts etc.